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Receive a reiki healing attunement while viewing the picture which has been preprogrammed with Reiki for anyone who views this page.
* Focus on your breathing *. Slowly breathe in to the count of four. Then slowly release your breath to the count of four. Repeat throughout. Relax your shoulders, your neck muscles and feel the tension slowly melt away from your body. Simply focus gently and softly on the picture, feel and absorb the energies. You may close your eyes if you are drawn to and continue to enjoy the healing attunement, remembering to focus on your breathing in and out slowly to the count of three or four.

If you would like to share your experiences with me, please contact me at
Blessings, Chrissie

You are visitor no to receive a healing attunement

Feel free to use the technique above as long as you add a link to this page and mention where you obtained it from.