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Usui Reiki Natural Healing

Chrissie Clout
Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master

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Practitioner Information 

Reiki Insurance 

The following information is to assist students intending setting up in practice.

You will require professional insurance to practice Reiki.  

International Reiki Healers (IRH) is the first Reiki organisation you can join with Quality Standards backed up by insurance and Codes approved by medical professionals.  The IRH is an association of people engaged in the practice and/or teaching of Reiki healing.  The aim is to create a network of Quality Assured Reiki Healers whom the general public, and medical and other bodies, can seek help from with confidence.  

For further information, contact Allan +44 (0) 1843 230 377 (Chair) or


Reiki Products 

For Reiki 1&2 Manuals, CD's, tapes, quartz crystals for a healing crystal grid,  and the Reiki Healing News, please visit:


Reiki Couches 

To follow shortly.