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    Usui Reiki Natural Healing  


Chrissie Clout
Usui Reiki Master Teacher / Practitioner



Reiki Share Group


Anyone who has taken Reiki 1 or above is welcome to come along to our Reiki Share Group which is held at Moordown, Shooters Hill, London SE18 3NA.  Tel: 0208 319 3949.  Ring for house number.

The Group is a format for getting together with like minded people, continued learning and generally sharing ideas, experiences, insights, questions in a loving and supportive environment.  We do Reiki swaps as not all of us have someone else to work on or to give us Reiki .  While it is essential to give ourselves Reiki it is also important to receive it from others regularly

There is no charge to attend the Reiki Share Group Sessions. 

The Reiki Share Groups  will be held once or twice monthly and usually on a Saturday.  Please contact Chrissie Clout via email (address below) to be put on a mailing list to be notified when the Reiki Share Group dates will be and for free regular newsletters.  



For more details contact via:

Phone:  0208 319 3949



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