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    Usui Reiki Natural Healing  


Chrissie Clout
Usui Reiki Master Teacher / Practitioner


Reiki Treatment Sessions 





After an initial consultation you are made comfortable on the couch.  The Reiki energy is then transferred through a series of hand positions. There is no need to remove any clothing or jewellery. The treatment feels remarkably relaxing, and most people fall asleep at some point during a session.

The flow of energy can be felt in various ways. Often it is experienced as a lovely heat, which reaches deep inside the body. Sometimes it may feel cold or you may twitch, tingle or get pins and needles, usually where a blockage is being cleared. Often there is a dreamy trance like state where you may see colours, receive insight into your life or problem, get memories, visions or past life recall. Sometimes there is spontaneous emotional release from areas that have been blocked off.

Reiki is an extremely effective tool for total relaxation and stress release. It can help with deep emotional distress from past trauma to bereavement.

Common Ailments Treated

Reiki can clear the head, aiding thought processes and improving performance in mental areas, e.g. teaching. Regular Reiki is an invaluable tool for personal growth, self development and understanding. Also for increased self awareness and creativity. It can amplify psychic ability and spirituality - strengthening our sense of connection.  Reiki can help alleviate and heal any physical, mental or emotional trauma.

For minor problems or short term goals one or two sessions may be enough. For significant problems the best results are achieved by three to four sessions three to four days running then weekly sessions spreading out to fortnightly and monthly as the condition improves.

Cost of sessions
Half an hour = 20
One hour = 40
3 half hour sessions booked & paid in advance = 50
3 one hour sessions booked & paid in advance = 100

The initial consultation lasts about an hour and a half which will include an hour's Reiki treatment.  Within your chosen time space you may have any treatment you require, Reiki (emotional or physical healing), Healing Attunement, Psychic Surgery or Karuna Reiki. 

Exchange of energy, for example if you have a therapy, eg massage, kinesiology, reflexology, and would like a Reiki treatment in exchange, I will be happy to exchange energies this way.   


Please contact Chrissie Clout for direct bookings on
: 0208 319 3949 or via email 



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